If you’re stuck on how to write a title in an essay, consider referring to your pre-drafted work. Full papers usually have hundreds of possible titles, so you may find it easier to select one that describes the essay. You can also take inspiration from famous books, movies, and songs. Choose a title that will be recognized by your readers and start with an -ing word. Here are some ideas for titles:

Avoiding jargon

Writing in jargon can be effective in communicating ideas, but it can also make you appear uninformed. While special terms can serve as useful shorthand within a particular audience, they can alienate readers who aren’t experts. In fact, readers complain more about writing in jargon than any other common writing mistake. That’s because writers often fail to recognize that their terms are difficult to understand and may not mean much to their readers. Instead of jargon-heavy terms, use simpler language. A plainer version will convey the same technical information in a more understandable way.

Using active voice

Using active voice in your writing is not difficult, and it’s an excellent way to give your paper structure and clarity. It makes your thoughts and ideas more clear and concise. However, it can make your essay longer, and you will need to cut out “to be” verbs. While grammatically correct, these words should not be the main verb in your academic writing, since they can lead to inactive voice problems.

Using keywords

The key to creating a great essay title is to focus on a specific topic that will draw readers in. Your title should include the keywords that will make up the content of the essay and also further describe the subject. Also, it should be in line with the rest of your essay. For example, the title “Decriminalizing Marijuana” is not focused enough. Instead, the title should read “The Social Impact of Decriminalizing Marijuana.”

Creating a witty, yet intelligent title

Creating a witty, yet intelligence title in an essay can be a challenge for any student. Luckily, search engine optimization (SEO) can help. Searching for the central idea of an essay, for example, can reveal web pages that contain fragments or in-text quotations. Using this method, students can quickly find the quote that best captures their essay’s central idea.

Avoiding abbreviations

When writing a title for an essay, abbreviations are usually not used. If you must use abbreviations, it is important to be consistent. APA style does not allow periods with abbreviations like FBI and Ph.D. You should abbreviate these terms as best you can. The APA style also requires that you abbreviate first and middle names.

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