When drafting a research essay, there are many things you should keep in mind. Here are a few tips to help you out. Identify your audience and choose a topic. Outline your research paper and include your research sources in a bibliography. Also, remember to include a conclusion. This part of your research paper will determine whether or not your grade will be good. After you’ve decided on the topic, you should start to gather information about it.

Choosing a topic

When choosing a topic for a research essay, you should be sure to choose something that has enough material available to you. However, you should also be sure to consider your teacher’s preferences and requirements. If your topic is too broad or too narrow, the teacher will provide guidance on what you can research. You should also choose a topic that is unique and original. To get quality help writing a research essay, you can use the services of a paper writing service.


When preparing to write a research paper, it helps to create an outline that lays out the main ideas of your paper. Outlines should be logical, with headings and subheadings that correspond to each other. Topic sentences should be based on the information in the outline. Outlines do not have to be exact or formal. Everyone organizes ideas in a different way. To create an outline, visit the Writing Center at your university or college.

Creating a bibliography

The process of writing a bibliography is often one of the most tedious and difficult parts of any writing assignment. With that in mind, Custom-Writing experts have created a guide to completing the perfect bibliography. Listed below are some helpful tips for formatting your bibliography. Once you’ve completed the steps above, you’re ready to move on to the next step: writing the essay!

Identifying an audience

Identifying an audience when writing a paper can be a difficult concept, especially for those who haven’t written much academically. This group of readers can be your professor, classmates, or the larger academic community. Your research paper should address this middle group, similar to an oral presentation. You should consider the audience’s background and expectations when writing. Here are some guidelines:


There are two key stages to revising your research essay: drafting and revision. Writing the first draft is the first stage. While revising, you should focus on the details of the construction of the essay. This way, you’ll be able to identify any issues with the piece. In this chapter, you’ll discover mechanical issues, organization, and focus issues, which you’ll need to address. Revisions should be a process of gradual improvement rather than a one-time exercise.

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